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Viljandi County is one of the fifteen counties of Estonia, and is located in the southern part of the historic Baltic country. In medieval times it was an important military and commercial center. The ruins of many castles can still be seen in the countryside. Your discount hotel in Viljandi County is a good base from which to explore this fascinating region. For information on cheap hotels in Viljandi County, use the services available on 

The county capital is also called Viljandi, and it is considered to be the main cultural center of Estonia. One of its principal attractions is the Viljandi Culture Academy. The ruins of a 13th century citadel are now part of a park that is the home of the Estonian Traditional Music Center. Music is in fact very much a part of Viljandis appeal. Among the festivals and events that take place here are the Early Music Festival, the Young Dance Festival, the Viljandi Folk Music Festival, Hansa Days, and the Winter Folk Dance Festival. Viljandi is also famous for the Theatre in a Suitcase Puppet Theatre Festival. The Ugala Drama Theatre has been in operation since 1920, and its open-air performances are a local tradition. Visitors should be sure to see St. Johns Church, which dates back to the 14th century; Forest Cemetery, with its monument to war victims; and the History Museum, which is housed in an 18th century chemists shop.