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Viljandi Details

In Estonia, discount hotels in Viljandi are situated near the ruins of the Viljandi Order Castle. The Viljandi Order castle is made of stone and dates to the 13th century. It is one of the most famous strongholds in the country. The area surrounding the castle has become a recreation area for visitors and includes lovely views. The Viljandi Museum is housed in one of the citys oldest stone buildings which contained a pharmacy until 1942. The museum contains exhibits detailing the excavation of the Viljandi Order Castle, an old threshing room, stuffed animals, weapons, and more.Outdoor excitement awaits guests lodging at budget hotels in Viljandi at the Viljandi Rope Bridge. This unique bridge was made in the 1800s and erected in 1931. It is over fifty meters long. Locals and guests enjoy traversing the bridge. In addition, the Kondase Center is open to tourists in Viljandi. The center serves as a cultural museum and contains interesting sculptures and other exhibits.