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The region of Northern Ostrobothnia stretches from the Gulf of Bothnia in the west, to the Russian border on its eastern side. It is found in north central Finland. It is also more commonly referred to as Oulu County. Oulu is the provincial capital and is also the sixth largest city in Finland. The city was established in 1605 by King Karl IX of Sweden, although it is thought that there were other settlements established in the county much earlier than this. The city lies some 610 km north of the Finnish capital Helsinki. Outside of Oulu, Northern Ostrobothnia is sparsely populated. Oulu makes up for this as there are plenty of attractions to keep any visitor entertained. You may decide that you wish to visit either a museum or art gallery. There are several to choose from and these include the Northern Ostrobothnia Museum, the Oulu City Art Museum and even the Kaunislehto Open-air Museum. You should also try to visit Hyrynsalmi Church and Ainola Park whilst you are in this beautiful city.