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Crozet is a small village with barely 2,000 people. It has the good fortune to be located in a natural park frequently visited every weekend. Crozet is in Parc Naturel Régional du Haut-Jura where the famous Jura Mountains can be explored. Crozet is also a popular skiing village with downhill rides that rival some of the best hills in France. Even better is when you visit Crozet during summer, summits in Jura Mountains such as the Reculet, Colomby de Gex, Crêt de la Neige and Chamois du Prafion et du Bévy offer a spectacular view of the villages that surround the mountains. Aside from all the natural wonders, the Ruins of Château de Rossillon are also worth visiting in this place.There are many hotels in Crozet that are available for accommodation in any season. The Crozet hotels have the equipment that you can rent so you can enjoy your activities. has a good list of Crozet cheap hotels. If you wish to sample a luxury hotel for less, try the discount hotels. Crozet will make sure you have the best accommodation to enjoy either the summer in the mountains or snow during winters.