Hotels in Lake Divonne Beach

      Lake Divonne Beach Details

      One of the activities in Divonne les Bains that a lot of locals and tourist love to do is going to the beach. This is because the town has one of the best beaches in the region, which is actually an extension of the its great lake.The main beach for the Divonne Lake can be found at the end of a long driveway that winds down and out of the town centre. It has a vast car park as well as some small shopping facilities offering the basic stuff. These shops are where people can get light refreshments while they are having a good time at the beach, relaxing or getting some form of fun. You can be assured that the sands of the beach are extremely clean, as they are always kept and maintained this way by the local authority. There is great pride poured on the beach and its surrounding area, which are considered as one of the important hubs of the social life of the town. It also offers the best opportunity to take part in the activities in Divonne les Bains.