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Ferney-Voltaire is a town of about 8,000 people situated in the Jura mountains in eastern France. It borders Geneva, Switzerland, forming one contiguous urbanized region along with the Swiss metropolis. The town, originally called simply Ferney, received the second half of its name after the French Revolution, in honor of the philosopher and writer Voltaire. Voltaire had lived in Ferney. In his relationship with his home town, Voltaire followed his own advice at the end of his Candide and, indeed, proceeded to "cultivate your own garden." He erected numerous civic structures in Ferney, and vastly helped the local economy.The most famous attraction in Ferney-Voltaire is the handsome chateau in which Voltaire lived at the end of his life, now considered a National Monument by the French government. Another attraction is the town's main street, which hosts a large open-air market every Saturday. Additionally, don't miss the statue of Voltaire that stands in the center of town. It is modest, yet of immense local significance, and dedicated to "the Patriarch of Ferney." Hotels in Ferney-Voltaire are comfortable places to stay, especially for visitors to nearby Geneva. Check out to reserve Ferney-Voltaire hotels today.