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Situated in the eastern central part of France, Nantua, a quaint tourist town, with a population of 3,995, combines historical heritage within the pleasant surroundings of the mountains. Founded in 671 by Saint Amand, Nantua was actually formed around a monastery of Benedictines, Saint-Michel Abbey, listed as a historical monument since 1907. For a buzzing weekend, Nantua is well known for the Lake of Nantua, offering a wide variety of leisure activities such as a sailing, children's games, picnicking, and water sports. There is also the famous Fromagerie de la Combe du Val in Saint-Martin du Fresne cheese dairy, where you can see the production process of traditional French cheese. Most of the Nantua hotels still retain the old French charm and designs. These curious hotels in Nantua are truly some of the great treasures of France. If you wish to find discount hotels, Nantua is a top destination. Except for the price, there's truly nothing cheap about Nantua cheap hotels and you can find a good selection at