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Oyonnax is a city known for its innovations in the manufacture and successful research in the plastics business. Most of the business in the area of France was brought to fruition by the families and relatives of the people who have always lived here. Nowadays, people are in training here not only to become engineers in plastics manufacturing, but also to become a part of the workforce who earns a living in the plastics sector. Oyonnax has an incredible rugby team that hopefully will continue to be a part of the national rugby team.Oyonnax is definitely a great place both to work and to live, and a holiday here will more than prove that tourists will thoroughly enjoy themselves here as well. Restaurants in the area are plentiful, and are not limited in their capacity to serve you. Budget Oyonnax hotels do exist, but there are times when they are not easy to locate. When you are looking for a hotel in Oyonnax, can be of assistance in booking accommodations that are sure to please.