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The capital city of the Aisne region is Laon. Aisne, itself, is in the Marne Valley in Southern Aise. It is famous for its WWI battlefield as well as its gardens, castles and ancient walls. Wander the Chemin des Domes route lined with memorials and cemeteries commemorating the dead of WWI. Others prefer to visit such cities as Saisson, Laon and La Ferté-Milon. This early Gothic structure dates from 1235. The Citadelle is 16th century complete with ramparts. Also worth checking out is St. Martins Church. Some travelers, however, prefer to go to La Ferté-Milon. The Castle of La Ferté-Milon is the product of the Duke of Orleans. The 13th century walls remain. In town, you may visit the Jean Racine Museum, see 16th and 17th century town houses and visit the churches of St. Nicholas and Notre Dame.