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Laon is one of the best tourist sites in France because of its medieval structures. Among them is the 12th century Gothic Cathedral of Notre Dame. Inside this magnificent cathedral are structures that date back to the 12th to 13th centuries. Another attraction is the 12th century church of St. Martin, which used to be an abbey. The 13th century Episcopal palace that was converted into a Palace of Justice during the 18th centuries is also an awesome site to see. Furthermore, the 13th century Abbey of St. Mary and St. Jean was converted into a public library during the 17th centuries. If you think this is too much for you during the weekend, Laon has Musée Municipal and the Musée des Archives Départementales to guide you with all the places that you should visit.Some Laon cheap hotels can be found near the historic sites in Laon. You can book your Laon hotels in and their rates are very reasonable. Also, you may find out more about the discount hotels. Laon will give you a piece of history. Some of the hotels in Laon can arrange for a personal guide for you and your family so you can know the attractions better.