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Visitors to Saint-Quentin, France will find this city in the northern portion of France to be welcoming, with ancient buildings and a warm culture. The city also goes by Augusta Veromanduorum, but the name changed to Saint Quentin after the martyr who died here in the third century. If you are planning a visit to this quiet town, do check out some of the discount hotels in Saint-Quentin, France before you book.Those who come will find that there are many excellent places to visit. The city received harsh abuse during World War I. However, much there was much rebuilding of the city. The ruins of the city are still evident in some of the older buildings. Take the time to visit the Antoine Lecuyer Museum, which offers a large selection of Maurice Quentin de La Tour's pastel works. The Butterflies Museum is home to more than 600,000 insects. Now that you know what you will experience, check out the cheap hotels in Saint-Quentin, France.