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Sitting on the ancient granite and rocks of the Massif Central is the region of Allier. You arrive in Allier to view the dramatic scenery. You can hike or ski in many different cities in the region. There are also the spas in the area. In Allier, be sure to visit Moulins, once the seat of the Bourbon Dukes. The stained glass windows of the Gothic Cathedral of Notre Dame are worth viewing as is the 15th century Virgin Mary Triptych. The Bourbon Vieux Château has only a tower keep and one wing remaining. This houses many 12th and 16th century sculptures and other artwork. It is impossible to visit and do all in a weekend. Allier has Montluçon with its neat medieval core. Montluçon has the Bourbon Château with its Museum of Popular Museum. It also boasts a 12th century Church, St. Pierre with large granite stone columns and an enormous barrel-vaulted ceiling.