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Montluçon is a beautiful town full of classic architecture located right in the center of France. When you come here for the weekend, Montluçon should captivate you with the place collectively known as Old Town. There are a collection of houses, castles and mansion built as early as the 15th century. If you visit the houses one by one, youll practically burn in this place. But, they are so pretty! And the fascinating structures dont end there. Theres the Eglise Saint-Pierre, a 12th century roman church featuring the statues of St. Madeliene and St. Andre, added to the church in the 15th century. Next is the 14th century Eglise Notre-Dame where stunning portions that has been added through the centuries. If you are planning to visit Montluçon, makes sure you go there in the summer for the Medieval Festival or in spring for the Boeuf-Ville carnival.Its best that you get a package with discount hotels Montluçon has to offer. With so many places to visit, a quick stay in Montluçon hotels is not enough. It may be a good idea to opt for Montluçon cheap hotels so you can stretch your budget to the maximum. For the best deals, book your hotels in Montluçon in