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    Allos is a lovely commune in the Alpes de Haute Province area of France. A commune in France is equal to a city in the U.S., and the Allos commune is one of the nicest in its area. Some of the most interesting and fun things to do in and around Allos includes thr Ancient Citadel of Sisteron, The Gorge of Verdon, and the Ski Resorts of the area. The Gorge of Verdon is like the Grand Canyon only in Europe, and it is one very beautiful sight of the area. You will definitely want to bring a camera on this and any trip to France.Finding the very best hotels in Allos is just a click away here at Here you will find the very best deals on discount hotels in Allos as well as other wonderful places in France. Allos has many cheap hotels to choose from that are reasonably priced but of high quality.