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      There are many attractions in France that are quite unique in their own ways. In fact, the country holds quite a lot of attractions that are considered one-of-a-kind in Europe. One of these is the Marineland. This popular attraction provides both locals and tourists the opportunity to indulge in some of the most interesting activities in Antibes-Juan les Pins that can be enjoyable to both children and adults.Located just 12 kilometers away from the town of Cannes, this large marine park has spectacularly choreographed shows that feature seals, dolphins and killer whales. Among the many activities in Antibes-Juan les Pins that you can do in this park is watching sharks and other exotic fish swimming around as you go through its glass tunnel. Another popular attraction in the park is an atoll that is complete with crustaceans, corals, and other forms of marine flora and fauna. There is also a restaurant, a souvenir shop and a children's play area in the Marineland, which are all situated in an enormous leisure complex.

      Address: 306 Avenue Mozart, 06600 Antibes, France

      Phone: +33 892 42 62 26

      Open hours: 10:00 am 7:00 am