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      Cannes is not only known for its world-renowned film festival that is flocked by stars and spectators every year. There are also many attractions in the city that has drawn more than its share of visitors. Among the sights of Cannes that are crowd-drawers as well are the Iles de Lerins. There are now many companies that offer different choices of boat trips and sail boats that can be taken to discover these islands.The relatively wild yet very beautiful Iles de Lerins are just less than a half hour away by boat from the mainland. The smaller of the two islands is the Saint-Honorat and this has a museum, an abbey and active monastery that you can explore. The larger Saint-Marguerite island is known for its old fort, where the legendary Man in the Iron Mask was said to have been imprisoned. Visiting the Musee de la Mer, while you are in this island would also be a treat, because it houses a great collection of archaeological relics. You will never regret having visited the Iles de Lerins, which are truly among the most amazing sights of Cannes.

      Address: Iles de Lerins 06400 Cannes, France