Hotels in Cainee Forest

      Cainee Forest Details

      France has its share of forests that many tourists take their time to visit. This is because the lush woodland areas in the country always have natural treasures that are quite delightful to nature lovers. One of these forests is the Foret Domaniale de la Cainee or the Cainee Forest, which provides some of the best activities in Carros that can be enjoyed by both tourists and locals alike.The forest lies on the southern part of the small village of Carros. It has a dense canopy that has resulted in the creation of a lush woodland environment right underneath it, which is quite different from the usual landscape that can be found in the community. Walking through the forest by following the several tracks here is one of the activities in Carros that many people like to do. This is because the paths in the woodland allow access to observe the unusual display of wildlife and rare plants that are not commonly seen in the area.