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      Fragonard Perfumes factory Details

      For many generations now, the town of Grasse has been known as one of the meccas of perfume-making in France. This is mainly because there are quite a lot of perfume producers in the area and among these is the company that gives out the world famous brand Fragonard. The place where this perfume is made has become one of the attractions in Grasse that many locals and visitors alike flock to see.Having produced top quality perfumes for export all over the globe for many years now, Fragonard is opening its doors to people who are interested to know of the processes that go into their own brand of making scents. Because of this, this perfume house has definitely become one of the attractions in Grasse that is gaining quite a huge fan base. Coming to Fragonard is an opportunity to take a look around the factory to see where and how the magic of makings scents takes place right right in the heart of the town. Samples of Fragonard perfumes are on display here while guides are available for the tours.

      Address: 20 blvd. Fragonard, 06130 Grasse, France