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      Like many other towns in France, Grasse also has a history that is quite long and interesting. The people who visit this town are usually very much interested to know of the past of this town, which is among the top tourist destinations in France. Knowing the town's history is possible through the Grasse History Museum, which is definitely among the attractions that comprise the tourism industry of Grasse.This museum is regarded to be one of the finest centerpieces of the town because it tells the tale of the humble start of the community. It charts the town's development from being just a tiny and insignificant town to its becoming the tourist hot spot that it is today. Being a major contributor to the tourism industry of Grasse, the museum has many fascinating displays of artifacts that were gathered from the local people and buildings as well as from the archaeological digs that were done in the local area.

      Address: 2 Rue Mirabeau, 06130 Grasse, France

      Phone: +33 4 93 36 80 20