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      As one of the major perfume hubs in France, it can be expected that some of the things to do in Grasse also pertain to the making of scents. If you are in town for the summer, then taking a course at the Institute of Perfume is definitely a thing that you can do if you are interested in making your own perfume.Located on the outskirts of the community, the Institute of Perfume is a place where work as well as business can be done. The summer school offers among the most exciting lessons that can be availed of by perfume lovers during their holidays. If making your own perfume is among the things to do in Grasse that you are planning to take on, then you can stay at the institute to learn about the methods on how great perfumes were developed over the centuries. During the course, you can try your hand at making your very own scent. As this course is quite exclusive and sought after, it is better to book ahead for it.