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Le Cannet is a lovely city, which is located in the north part of Cannes. Since the city is located on the French Riviera, those who visit this area will never lack for things to see and to do during their stay. Le Cannet was at one time a part of Cannes, and did not have an individual name. It was made into a separate city in 1778, and today shares an urban area with Cannes. It has become a very popular tourist attraction and destination, and along with the shared area of Cannes, has many attractions and venues for visitors to enjoy. Those who enjoy water sports and the beach will flock to the famous beaches of the area. Le Cannet is known as the city of seven hills, and visitors will enjoy strolling among these hills and admiring the views of the sea and of Lerins Island. Pine, olive, and mimosa trees are sprinkled over the landscape and orange and eucalyptus trees help to make leisurely walks quite fragrant indeed.The cultural and art heritage of Le Cannet is evident to everyone who does sightseeing in the area. The Our Lady of the Angels Chapel contains many works of art, as does the Saint-Sauveur with its works by Tobiasse. You will also want to visit the Old City section, where many historic buildings including the Church of St. Catherine are proudly situated. Restaurants in Le Cannet cater to tourists as well as locals, and serve excellent local French cuisine. Hotels in Le Cannet should be booked well in advance, as is the case whenever a location is popular. By booking early, you can be sure that a room will await you upon your arrival. Even in an area that is obviously approved of by so many people, you can locate budget Le Cannet hotel rooms. Let assist you in finding a Le Cannet hotel that will more than please you during your stay.