Hotels in Flower Market

      Flower Market Details

      The Nice Flower Market at Cours Saleva is famous around the world. This 'Marché aux Fleurs' is busy every day of the week, as people shop for produce and of course, flowers. The stands provide a colorful display of carnations and jonquils. There is a good stock of violets, roses and birds of paradise. You can wake up in the morning to the sweet scent of flowers.Yet, it is not only flowers you can obtain. There are over 100 vendors in the Nice Flower Market, and each has their own tented booth. Each has their own set price, but do haggle. Wander through to check and compare prices. It is best to attend early in the morning. You can then sit in one of the cafés lining the way to and around the market.

      Address: Cours Saleya, 06300 Nice, France