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      The Fort of Mount Alban is one of those attractions where the area housing the attraction is just as much a point of interest as the attraction itself. Located on the French Riviera just outside of Nice, the Fort of Mount Alban is a common tourist destination dating back to the 19th century, as a lookout post and barracks for housing troops. Today, thankfully, it serves a much less austere purpose.Those who enjoy injecting a little historical insight into their vacations will enjoy staying in a budget hotel near the Fort of Mount-Alban in Nice; this way, you can rest within walking distance of a place that truly represents the France of centuries past. For instance, why not climb to the top of the Fort and enjoy a panoramic view of the local region and waterfront From there, youre bound to find a number of attractions youre interested in taking a hike to, from the Promenade de Marinieres or the local village of Villefranche Sur Mer with its spectacular beaches. The choice is yours, and it all begins at the Fort of Mount Alban.