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      Gare du Sud Details

      At first glance, the Gare du Sud is just an abandoned railway station, consisting of a tall and imposing façade with a glass roof that is a fantastic representation of the neoclassical architectural style. In fact, travelers can enjoy it for just that reason alone.However, the railway is also a reminder of the intimate relationship France had with the terrors of the Second World War, as that time period saw the systematic closing of all the Gare du Suds rail lines, ultimately, as of 1991, leaving it the emptied out shell that it is today. As such, it serves not just as a nice architectural visit, but a historical reminder of Frances recent past as well. Soon, however, the Gare du Sud may become the site of Nices town hall.

      Address: 2 Place de la Gare du Sud, 06000 Nice, France

      Phone: +33 892 70 74 07