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      There are so many ways for any tourist to find peace and quiet in any bustling city that has been known to be a premiere tourist destination and this is also true in Nice. You can head on to Phare et digue, which is among the must-do activities in Nice. The sea wall that leads to the lighthouse of Nice, this place is perfect for those strolls where you want some time to contemplate or relax.Here you can see the wonders of nature as it plays its magic on the makings of mankind. This is because the stones that make up the seawall usually take on a dazzling appearance of whiteness under the rays of the sun and when the sunlight plays on the waves, the sea sparkles and glistens just like dancing diamonds right before your very eyes. Listening to the waters lapping against the Pains de Savon, which literally means blocks of soap and are huge stones that have been placed to protect the sea wall, is also among the more pleasant activities in Nice that you can do.