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      Gare de Nice Ville Details

      Gare de Nice Ville is in the center of the town. This Louis XIII style terminal is close to the citys major attractions. This central railway station allows access to speedy service to the towns along the coast. You can stay overnight in Nice then hop a train to Cannes, Marseilles, Monaco or Paris. There are beautiful views along the way.The station is also a landmark in the city. This elaborate brick structure features iron moldings and a central pavilion with a clock. The Nice Ville Railway Station began its existence as the Compagnie du chemin de Fer du PLM. The enormous lobby was lined with oak panels. A dome dominates the ceiling. Inside, Eugene Baptiste Emile Dauphin created artwork for the Bullet de la Gare. Outside, 7 covered track areas provide local, national and international service.

      Address: Avenue Thiers, BP 1463, 06008 Nice Cedex 1

      Phone: +334 93 87 07 07