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Peillon is located in the Alpes Maritimes section of southern France. This is a destination of choice for many travelers to France, especially those who feel at one with nature. The natural surroundings of Peillon are a welcome sight to those who spend a lot of time in the city. The little village of Peillon is a soothing location, with all the charm and ambience one would expect from a small French village. Once a medieval village, it is still fortified, and is known as a perched village to those who live along the Cote dAzur. It is 1000 feet above sea level, so it is easy to figure out why it was given this name. The architecture from it medieval days is still in place, and as you walk through the town, you get the feeling that you have gone back to that era in many ways. Budget hotels in Maritimes feature a friendly atmosphere and all the amenities travelers are used to.Some of the buildings in the main section of Peillon have been there since the 12th century. As Peillon is 12 miles from Nice, you may decide to take a day trip to that city. Be aware that there is not much in the way of public transportation in Peillon. In July and August of each year, you can enjoy a music festival every Friday night, located in nearby Agen. Cheap hotels in Maritimes offer warm hospitality, which makes their guests feel right at home.