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    A peaceful village in France, just off the Italian border, is where you will find the city of Sospel. Here you will find a picturesque view of valleys and rivers. At the same time, a number of tall buildings with traces of Piedmontais origins can be found. Sospel has been known as the Salt Mule Road because of its strategic location. It served as a royal road from Turino going to Nice. Here you can find the famous Vieux Pont where the La Mairie is housed in its guard tower. Aside from that, you can explore the Medieval houses of the two towns of Sospel. There are also historical monuments to visit like the Place Saint Michel as well as the Saint Michel Cathedral, and the Trompe l'oeil facades. Discover the greenery and lovely fauna of the city in the Mercantour National Park and Green Valley of Bévera.Find cheap hotels in Sospel now with the help of There are other attractions and Sospel hotels to discover so plan ahead. You can also find discount hotels Sospel has to offer. These cheap Sospel hotels allow you more room for touring the whole city and trying out different restaurants at that. For a mesmerizing weekend, Sospel will leave you breathless. Try it now.