Hotels in Ancient Streets of Valbonne

      Ancient Streets of Valbonne Details

      There are a number of towns and cities in France that can be regarded as attractions in themselves. This is because the structural plans of these places are as impressive as any attractions that can be found within them. One of these places is Valbonne. The main attraction is the town itself because it features the Ancient Streets which many consider as the heart of the tourism in Valbonne.When you step into the town of Valbonne, you will be immediately amazed by its streets. This is because the street plan of the town is very unique as it was done in the 16th century as part of the defensive line of the military. Essentially, the streets share a past with La Defense, which is located near Paris and they are even designed in the same exact manner. The village and its Ancient Streets are therefore one of the best examples of their kind in the world. As one of the major attractions of the tourism in Valbonne, the regimented ancient streets of the town are usually trodden with awe by visitors.

      Address: Valbonne 06560, France