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    Located in the Alpes-Maritimes and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur is where you will find the city of Vallauris, France. This place is noted for being one of Picassos homes where he created some of his astounding pieces of art like the War and Peace. This has contributed much to the citys love of art having numerous galleries, museums, studios, and workshops. Some of the popular museums in town are the Musées Nationaux des Alpes, Ouvrees Madoura et Picasso, La Cuisine aux céramiques, and the Les céramiques modernes to name a few. Theres also the Loppidum des Encourdoules which is a 14th century site of stones from the tribe of Celto-Ligurian. Roman artwork can be seen in the L'aqueduc des Clausonnes. Other interesting sites are the historical castle of Château Daumas, Picassos vault in La Chapelle Picasso, and the 16th century vault Chapelle Saint-Antoine. There wont be enough time to view all the sites in just a weekend. Vallauris has so much to offer so make sure you plan a longer stay. Finding hotels in Vallauris is so easy what with the list of Vallauris hotels has in store for you. Discount hotels Vallauris has to offer are available as well as the pricey and cheap Vallauris hotels too.