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Vence is one classic city that you have to visit when youre on a stroll in French Riviera. In a weekend, Vence teems with visitors who want to enjoy the waters. However, the town of Vence is also reputed as the preferred town of the many modern poets and artists. Among the artists that used to live here are Henri Matisse and D. H. Lawrence. Henri Matisse left a permanent imprint in the town with his construction of a chapel. But if youre looking for architectural structure that tells of the beauty of the village, visit the Cathédrale de la Nativité-de-Notre-Dame. Parts of the church go back to the 11th century. Here, the ancient mansions are not transformed into hotels. Among them is Château Notre-Dame-des-Fleurs, a 19th century castle which is now the Museum of Perfume and Liquor and Château de Villeneuve from the 16th century which was transformed into a modern museum of the arts.Expect that the hotels in Vence can easily get packed during the summer. Even though its not near the beach, the Vence hotels especially in the town center are always packed for those months. However, you can still visit this place during the off-season and enjoy the warm side of the place. The Vence cheap hotels will be available and the premium hotels are now discount hotels. Vence are also famous because of their therapeutic water so be sure to try them through the Fontaine de la Foux. In youll get the list of these hotels and the best prices.