Hotels in Annonay

Annonay Details

Visitors lodging in discount hotels in Annonay will want to begin their stay with a stroll down the Rue Franki-Kramer. This quaint street is popular with visitors for its homes that date to the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. The Cesar-Filhol Vivarois Museum is great fun for all ages. Guests will discover the inventiveness of the Montgolfier Brothers and other famous French inventors. They can view designs like the rotary aircraft motor called the Gnome which was developed in 1908 and a traditional Vivarois kitchen. Cheap hotels in Annonay give guests a view of Place de la Liberation. The statues in the park are at the entrance to the old town of Annonay and feature the Montgolfier Brothers and Marc Sequin who invented a steam engine boiler. Nearby, the Tour des Martyrs includes an ancient tower and the Convent of Sainte-Marie. In addition, the Tracin Chapel should not be missed by visitors to the city. The Gothic chapel includes the remains of a priory from the 14th century.