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Situated in the heart of the Cathare country, Foix is a small town filled with Romanesque churches built around the 11th and 12th century. You should visit the Foix caves such as Grotte de Niaux and Grotte du Portel. Enjoy the underground river ride to see the stalagmites and chalk formations in Riviere Souterraine de Labouiche. You will also love the sites of the Musée de l'Ariège, listen to the choirs of the monastic church of St-Volusien or walk around the Ariège area famous for its castles and gourmet cuisine. It is best to enjoy and take some time for the site-seeing. There are too many sites to see so it is still best to come on a weekend. Foix caters to the whole family. There are several hotels in Foix that gives packages for family outings. Guests can visit the website, to choose from the different types of discount hotels Foix offers for her visitors. There are also Foix cheap hotels around which provide a good alternative if you wish to stay longer. Staying in Foix hotels is convenient and enjoyable.