Hotels in Bar-sur-Aube

Bar-sur-Aube Details offers excellent accommodation choices for those visiting Dar-sur-Aube. The city is a commune in the Aube department. Those who live there are Barabains. This small city with less than 6,000 people is nestled into a countryside setting. One of the most prominent structures here is the Castle of Marcasselles. Some visitors may wish to visit Le Saint Nicolas during their stay. Surrounding the city are vineyards. Some of the discount hotels in Bar-sur-Aube, France offer views of these old and new vineyards.The architecture in Bar-sur-Aube is worth noticing. Many of the older homes and storefronts feature stone and half-timbering. Notice the buildings of St. Pierre and St. Maclou, which date to the 12th century. In addition, the city is on the bank of the Aube River. The city is home to the Eastern Railway, which connects the city to Belfort. No matter if you are just passing through, or staying to tour the city, you can find affordable hotels in Bar-sur-Aube, France readily available to you.