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      By the Seine River in France is where the town of Troyes is located. This lovely town owes some of its history to the Romans. There are a lot of historical moments that exude Roman architecture. Some of the popular sites to see are the Romanesque churches of Holy-Madeleine church, Saint-Urbain basilica, Cathedral Saint-Pierre Saint-Paul, and the Saint-Pantaléon church. Visit the Museum of Modern Art and the House of the Tool and the Working Thought. There are many other places to see and many other activities to do. For a soul soothing weekend, Troyes will leave you wanting for more. Make sure you book a longer stay in Troyes hotels. Do not leave everything to the last minute. Finding hotels in Troyes wont be a problem especially with the help of To enjoy an uncompromising holiday, look for discount hotels. Troyes has a wide variety of choices so be sure to check out the cheap Troyes hotels too.