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    If you are looking to spend some time in the wild parts of France, come stay in Aude. The upper Aude Valley has few inhabitants. The land is barren. The region is worth at least a weekend. Aude has the Grande Motte marina on the Golfe du Lion shoreline with its ziggurat-style structures. You can sip good wine in even Aude cheap hotels. There is an annual medieval banquet at the town of Villerouge-Termenes. Visit the medieval castles at Peyropertuse and Quéribus. Aude is then more readily affordable. You can stay and visit Carcassonne. The Citadel of Carcassone is worth visiting. Within the fortress is another fortress, the Château Comtal. There are Gallo-Romano walls and 13th century ramparts. Carcassonne is also home to a Romanesque and Gothic cathedral Basilica St. Nazaire.