Hotels in Bize-Minervois

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Bize-Minervois Details

Just 1,000 people live in the village of Bize-Minervois, and of those, about a quarter are part-time residents with holiday homes there. In the Aude province, the village sits in the Cesse valley, on the edge of the Haut-Minervois Mountains. The town was first mentioned in written history in the year 911, in a will that left the land the village now sits on to the Archbishop of Narbonne.Granted youll probably have enough of a view from your hotel room of the surrounding countryside to satisfy some of your wanderlust, but there are a few sights you should definitely see. There are a number of Paleolithic caves, called the Caves Las Fonts, where prehistoric remains have been found. The Porte Saint Michel, still a working gate to the village, dates from 1236. There was another gate, the Porte St Croix, but it made entrance for carts difficult and so it was demolished in the 1800s. If you are in town in July, you can enjoy the Festival of Olives and sample all sorts of gastronomic creations.