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      The town of Carcassonne was declared a World Heritage site in the year 1997. Situated in the southern part of France, this fortified town is a popular destination for tourists during the weekend. Carcassonne is a fortified town with impressive ancient architecture that will certainly leave you spellbound. Within the walls of the town, you will find the magnificent 11th century Basilica of Saint-Nazaire which displays excellent Romanesque architecture. Inside this grand church, there is a 17th century organ that produces the most enchanting sounds. The town of Carcasonne pays tribute to this ancient musical instrument every summer when the Festival Organ of the City is held. If you are interested in museums, the Museum of Fine Arts offers a fine collection of European artworks that date back to the 17th century while the Museum of Chivalry, Arms and Archery displays ancient weapons of war. Another popular place of interest among tourists is the interactive museum of Im@ginarium.Carcassonne hotels provide transportation and tours to all the famous attractions. Some of the hotels in Carcassonne offer excellent views of the fortifications that surround the town. You can opt for travel packages that include complete travel services and discount hotels. Carcassonne has a wide range of hotels to suit different budgets. You can find out about Carcassonne cheap hotels, and make reservations online at