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        Beaubois Museum Details

        Museums are among the most frequented attractions in France. This is because they do not only tell the history of the places where they are situated, but they also tell the story of certain people who contributed a great deal to the cultural reputation of the towns and cities they represent. One such museum is the Beaubois Musuem, which is one of the great contributors to the tourism of Carcassonne.Located in a small community called Marquens, this little museum can be found right on the edge of Carcassonne. The artworks that are primarily on display in this museum-gallery are those made by the artist Jean Beaubois. There is quite a large collection of the artist's artworks in the museum that visitors can browse through. As one of the attractions that comprise the tourism of Carcassonne, the Beaubois Museum also offers a good diversity of artworks for visitors, and these include some pieces that were made by other local and international artists. Books associated with art can also be found in the small library of the museum.

        Address: 5 impasse des ecoles, Maquens, Carcassonne, France