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Andlau is a little town with a population of only 1,700 people. The simplicity of the inhabitants and the beauty of the surroundings make this quiet town the ideal getaway for the weekend. Andlau was founded in 887 as a nun settlement, and it boasts of many beautiful buildings that date back to many centuries ago. The most famous historical structures are the Abbatiale Sainte Richarde and Eglise Abbatiale Saints-Pierre-et-Paul, which are both 10th century abbeys. There are also two wonderful castles in Andlau that feature excellent 11th to 12th century architecture, and they are the Andlau Château du Haut-Andlau and Château du Spesbourg. The Musée du Pain d'Epices et de l'Art Populaire Alsacien, the Folie Marco Museum and the Ancien Hôtel des Sires d Andlau are the other attractions you do not want to miss.There are several hotels in Andlau that offer very comfortable accommodation and travel services. If you are looking for Andlau cheap hotels, you can visit to find out the availability of discount hotels. Andlau is well-known for its hospitality, and you will certainly feel at home in Andlau hotels.