Hotels in Matzenheim

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Matzenheim Details

Matzenheim is a very small town located west of France. Matzenheim is minutes away from the German border, which explains the German influenced name of the town. During the weekend, Matzenheim is visited by some of the kayakers in the region because of Rives de l'Ill, a popular spot where you can practice freestyle kayaking. Aside from kayaking, the Eglise Saint Sigismond, a structure built in the 18th century also has constant visitors to look at the age old church which is still used by the community. Château des Comtes de Werde should also be visited and then you can also fully experience the villages culture when you are there during May when they celebrate their annual festival.The hotels in Matzenheim are always packed for various reasons. Matzenheim hotels are a perfect stopover before you go into Germany. Some of the Matzenheim cheap hotels are close to the tourists spots where they can rent you some of the equipment for kayaking. has a good list of discount hotels Matzenheim has to offer. Be sure to check them out.