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Mittelhausen is a charming little rural village in the Bas Rhin section of northeastern France. It is quite typical of most of the villages in this vicinity. An area of scenic wonder, there is much to see and do here. Saverne, the Castle of the Rohans, La Petite Pierre, the history of which goes all the way back to the middle ages, and the Vosges of the Holy Forest, North, and Haguenau with their beautiful trees. Enjoy the nice weather and the beautiful all-around views in Mittelhausen while you are visiting.Restaurants in Mittelhausen will please even the fussiest eater. They seem to have grouped together as a whole, and try to produce the best looking food as well as the best tasting. They do an impeccable job of both. There are not many hotels in Mittelhausen. Therefore, to find discount Mittelhausen hotels, using our services here at will allow you to book your room ahead of time, so that you can be sure to have accommodations waiting for you on the dates you plan to be in the area.