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Mollkirch is a village in the Bas Rhin region of northeastern France. It has become well known due to the livery stables that are in the area. Visitors to Mollkirch can also enjoy the bounty from the many walnut, apple, cherry, and plum trees. Walking and mountain biking are very popular activities in Mollkirch. Those who enjoy golfing will be happy to learn that there are three 18 hole golf courses near Mollkirch. Wine connoisseurs flock to the Mollkirch and Bas Rhin region because of its close proximity to the Alsace Wine Route.The wine produced here is of very high quality. It is felt that the Bas Rhin wine is the best wine in France. There are wine taverns in Mollkirch and the surrounding area where you can sample this famous wine. Restaurants in Mollkirch serve lots of pork, chicken, and trout, with sauces for these protein selections made from the local wines. An excellent beer known as Kronenbourg is also brewed in this area, and can be enjoyed in these restaurants. Hotels in Mollkirch combine comfort along with convenience, and your stay in any of them should be a most pleasant one. Many people look for a budget hotel when traveling. If you are the same, and are seeking a budget Mollkirch hotel, look no further than the listings at Hotels in Mollkirch are truly easy to find and book when using this source.