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Located in the eastern end of France, Molsheim is just 30 minutes from the borders of Germany. In a weekend, Molsheim is visited by tourists from all over France because of the beautiful architecture. One of the popular sites is Eglise des Jésuites a baroque themed church built during the 15th century. La Metzig, Tour des Forgerons and La Chartreuse are the structures that were built during the 14th century. La Chapelle Notre-Dame is gothic styled church that was also built during the 1800s. The town hall or the Hôtel de ville is also a place worth visiting in Molsheim. The town also has a Musée dArchéologie, dArt et dHistoire wherein it chronicles the background of the town from the pre-historic era.There are hotels in Molsheim that will fulfill all your needs. Some Molsheim hotels can be found near these places and provide a great view of the structures. has a good list of the Molsheim cheap hotels and also a good range of discount hotels. Molsheim is an old town full of architectural wonders for everyone.