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    A little town, Obernai is one of the favorite towns near Strasbourg and Paris. This town is known for the quality wines and beer that they produce. Guests visit this town especially in the summer for a tipsy weekend. Obernai has more than fifteen towers which it has maintained after many years of existence. Sites to visit are the old Gothic and Renaissance houses which still symbolize the old-world era and the Town Hall which was built around 15th Century. Other landmarks include the El Biar Castle built between 1864 and 1865 by General de Vives, and the Domain of the Léonardsau, a museum of horse and horse carriage.Within the town center are different hotels in Obernai that add to the towns picturesque view. Some of these Obernai hotels are as grand as the sites that you can visit in town. Visitors can check out other cheap hotels Obernai offers through You can avail one of the Obernai cheap hotels and use the extra money for wines that you can bring home for your friends and relatives.