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Wangenbourg can be found in the Bas-Rhin province of France. This area of Wangenbourg is also referred to as the Northern Alsace. Sometimes its confused to being a part of Switzerland. There are a lot of tourist destinations waiting to be discovered. Some of them are listed here. So why dont you plan your weekend Wangenbourg is popular for its 13th century Château de Wangenbourg which features the heritage of Wangenbourg. The Cascade & château du Nideck is another castle which is of Episcopal stronghold. It was constructed in the 14th century. The Summit of Schneeberg is a great mountain perfect for hiking and mountain climbing. At the top is where youll find the Lottelfels which is a rock full of legends. There are other lovely paths to trek especially one where youll find another tourist attraction, Fountain of Zeigbach.Start searching for hotels in Wangenbourg now. There are a lot of Wangenbourg hotels listed in so you wont have any problem finding a place to stay. There are the cheap Wangenbourg hotels for those on a budget. While for those who want something more extravagant but are still searching for promos, there are the discount hotels Wangenbourg offers too.