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A city in France full of holiday resorts is Wissembourg. This community is composed of around 7,000 inhabitants. There are a number of historical tourist attractions to be found in Wissembourg. One is their Town Hall which was constructed sometime in the year 1741. It can be found in the towns market square. At the same time, theres the Church of St-Pierre-et-Paul which is second largest in the Alsace department. It features medieval architecture ornamented with stained glass and crown chandeliers. Theres also a museum to check out the archeological artifacts and history of Wissembourg in the Westercamp Museum. There are a number of famous movies set in Wissembourgs river named Lauter River. Dont forget to check the Romanesque West Tower that was created in 1070.If you want to enjoy an unforgettable weekend, Wissembourg is full of tours to all these popular places so make sure you plan ahead to check out the Wissembourg hotels. To prepare, you can find out more about the hotels in Wissembourg listed on It can help you find cheap Wissembourg hotels as well as other discount hotels. Wissembourg is truly amazing.