Hotels in La Maison de la Saint-Victoire

      La Maison de la Saint-Victoire Details

      The Maison de la Saint-Victoire is one of the premiere attractions that comprise the Aix-en-Provence tourism. This is because there are tons of opportunities for visits that are offered at this place, which is dedicated to the St-Victoire Mountain.As expected of a museum and an art gallery, there is an exhibition hall in the Maison de la Saint-Victoire that serves as the venue where local artists can show their celebration of the famous sites in Provence through their pictures and photographs. It also has a bookshop offering craft works that are based on the flora and fauna of the area. Samples of the local wines can also be found in the maison. The museum also boasts of an audio-visual show that explains the origins of St-Victoire. It also has a bar and restaurant that will not only offer foods and refreshments but will also introduce you to the flavours of Provence that are also among the best parts of the Aix-en-Provence tourism.