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      Towns and cities will never be complete if they don't have their share of museums to be visited by anyone who is particularly interested to learn more. Because of this, museums have become among the main contributors to the tourism of any place. One of these is the Natural History Museum, which is one of the attractions that comprise the tourism of Aix-en-Provence.This museum is located at the center of the town and obviously, has natural history as its main focus. A great part of the museum is dedicated to the long-standing natural history found in the Provence area. However, there is also a huge part of it that caters to artifacts and exhibits that were gathered from all over the world. Because there are many people who are interested in the things contained in the museum, it has become one of the great contributors to the tourism of Aix-en-Provence. These pieces include skeletons of creatures from the deep oceans and animal bones that were located on mountaintops.

      Address: 7 rue des robiniers, 13090 Aix-en-Provence, France

      Phone: +33 4 88 71 81 81