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      There are many activities in Provence that you can do and one of these is visiting the universities that make its educational system one of the best in France. One of these is the Universite of Provence. This university offers a wide range of training springing from a combination of higher education and research. As an heir to rich tradition, you will be able to know where the university got its high education standards.Aside from basic courses that could lead to such careers in research and teaching, the Universite de Provence also has developed a lot of professional courses under two major areas of discipline, which are science and technology and letters and humanities. There are also many other services of the university that are available to the students. These include self-service information technology and distance learning, among many others. The university has even organized a special reception for disabled students. If you will include visiting the university among the activities in Provence that you must do, then you will find that it is an area of work and training that is friendly and democratic.

      Address: Aix-en-Provence, Arles, Aubagne, Avignon, Digne, Lambesc, Marseille, France